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A. Veros Land

i. Veros Castle

  • Double-structured castle, divided into interior and exterior castles. Most of Nephilims live in exterior castle. As a center of Nephilims’ life style of keeping the Life Tree, many talented Nephilims and merchants live here.

ii. Tree of Life

  • An arcane tree which is the origin of Nephilim’s beliefs. With keeping the secret of life, it connects the earth and sky. These trees can be found wherever Nephilims live.

iii. South Battle Arena

  • A place where outstanding Warriors and Priest can compete against each other.

B. Deteriorated Holy LandEdit

i. Laziel Tower

  • A place used when the divine ceremony to pray for Sky takes place. Laziel Tower is where people can make a wish, seek courage and swear challenges.

ii. Nasa Altar

  • A place used when the divine ceremony to pray for Earth takes place. Nasa Altar is where people pray for resting in peace for the dead and seek wisdom or forgiveness.

C. Memory LandEdit

i. Floating Village

  • A village made by a unique engineering work of Nephilim to prevent the attack of monsters. It’s small but the defensive power of the village is greater than any other places.

ii. Ruined Graveyard

  • Cemetery where people buried here are Nephilims who died while moving from Alvheim or while settling in Exile Valley. There are some Nephilims who run the risk to pay tribute to them, but due to Undeads and strong monsters surrounding the cemetery, not many can make it here.

iii. North Battle Arena

  • A place where outstanding Warriors and Mages can compete.

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